nabesima said: Crimson Silks are a nightmare to collect. I have 14 Jadevines… and I don’t even need this much Plants x-x I don’t want to think about Vibrant Picky Insects, my Insect gathering is lvl 8.

Oh, geesh, I haven’t even thought about the picky insect hunting much. As much as I’d love the wing silks for Baast, I’m not looking forward to that one!

No fair, the arm silks were so easy to get!

I think the Crimson Silks are avoiding me on purpose.

I’ve spent over a month foraging in Fire, and still only have 12 Crimson Jadevines. Like, I find them approximately one per week, if I’m lucky. I’ve even considered giving in to the 120k-200k a piece AH prices to get them. Geesh!

Also, the week before Brightshine Jubilee I managed to gather all the items for the Silk Sash trade, and I haven’t seen the trade since. My friend has assured me that the trade has been up, but several times it has happened just before I get out of bed in the morning. EDIT: Oh goshness, thank yous so much, legion! 

And now, I saw the Veil trade couple of days ago, I think. I was just missing few fuiran hides from the mats, so I went to grind them in Coliseum. The last one dropped two minutes after the trade expired.

Why, Crimson Silks, why?! Baast wants silks to wear!


(Anyone crazy enough to trade one Crimson Jadevine for a full 99 stack of Cindershroom? Can give up a full stack of White Pawns too. Yeah, I know, not really worth it, but dang.)




My knees hurt SO BAD from pushing past my disability limits this weekend to try and help unpack and moving things in the new house. To make me feel better, people should show me their disabled/injured/etc dragons! Please!!

Sudden realization that I don’t think I have any…


Missing left arm. (Being a total tundra brain with the traditional tundra memory, how this happened remains a mystery, although he does tend to freak out whenever he senses the smell of harpies.)

Excessive burn scarring. (An accident she got into while she was still young. She has to keep her hide well oiled, and flies in unusually tight spirals as she hates stretching the scars, but is otherwise doing fine.)

Blind. (Ever since birth. She’s often seen in a company of wolves, which the other dragons think helps her to get around.)

Born with weak wings, needs mechanical aid to get off ground. (It’s a shame, though, as he loves flying and racing, but has to do with the role of a spectator.)

Lost both legs, has prosthetics. (Her legs got mauled by a granite thresher shark in a hunting accident.)

Missing an eye (he’s an old battle veteran. Although, not sure if this counts as he’s a mirror dragon and thus still has three working eyes).

Lair also includes a mirror with skin condition (causes pigment loss, otherwise harmless), a mute tundra, and two dragons with elemental dissonance, where they feel they should be other element than they are, but not sure if “elementally disabled” counts here. Also other minor issues (considering the lair is littered with plague dragons, and couple of fighters that have gone through meat grinder so to say).

xenontrioxide replied to your photoset
Dat first boy, can I offer you a draw of the parents for him??
thenearsightedmicroraptor replied to your photoset
OMGomgomg that first one - dragon that will LOOK GOOD WITH SMOKE! Can I have? (I know I’m taking all your dragons, but DANG. So pretty) Art maybe? I’d love to draw some dragons :3
Sorry, peeps, but the first guy was asked for by someone else. Man, I didn’t prepare for three people asking for the same dragon! Sorry! The parents will breed again in the future, though, so there’s a chance for more handsomeness.

Okay, I gave in and bought more lairspace. (Dangit.)

Bestla and Titan’s first babies hatched! 8D

Male, Slate/Jade/Ivory, clown/current/underbelly Asked for.

Male,  Beige/Jungle/Gold, clown/seraph/underbelly

Female, stone/Avocado/Sunshine, speckle/current/underbelly Asked for.

They came out quite pretty I think. Specially the girl, dang her colors are amazing!

Standard procedure, can take treasure, gems, art, writing, food, apparel, Swipp stuffs, whatever. I haven’t put them in AH yet, since I have absolutely no clue about how much to ask for them. Don’t care. Pretty.

Lair number 3727, Papermonkey.

frenzyofficial replied to your post“Eyyy, would anybody out there be interested in the Wise Whiskers…”
I’m interested!! I’m not sure what I could trade back, though. I could trade familiars that you don’t have already if you haven’t gotten them all. How much seafood do you need?

The Whiskers were already claimed, (for a quite a bit of seafood!), but the familiars are still available. :) I have two extras of both of them, and any food is welcome now, whatever you feel like giving away.


Eyyy, would anybody out there be interested in the Wise Whiskers apparel item? I got one as a gift once, but I have absolutely no use for it myself. If anyone wants it, feel free to slap me with a note/message on FR (or here). I’d like to swap it to something (I’m low on seafood, for example), but I don’t think I need to demand something of equal value.

EDIT: That was fast! Whiskers gone, but the familiars are still available. /EDIT

Also, I have extras of these familiars, that I don’t feel like vendoring away, anyone want to swap them to other random items/apparel/food?


I can be found at lair number 3727, Papermonkey.


Snotspawn strikes again! 

Female, Rust/Maroon/Spring REHOMED!

Male, Slate/Blood/Spring

Female, Soil/Blood/Spring (and an actual noodle!) REHOMED!

Female, Rust/Blood/Spring.

Standard procedure, will take treasure, gems, food, apparel, Swipp-junk, art, writing, whatever you feel like paying, for how much you feel like paying. Slap me with a crossroads, or if you don’t feel like, they’re also all in AH for 10k treasure, if you’d rather sneak off with one without me noticing.

Lair number 3727, Papermonkey.

Mmm, yes, good, perfect.

Nemorian, the newest dragon in the Library Ruins. Born an imperial, he got turned into a snapper in a magic accident (thanks, Apollo, again). It’s taken a while of him to stop screaming get used to his new body, but although he acts as if he hated his new shape, deep down he’s secretly relieved, as his new breed removes his worst fear of ever turning into an Emperor. He does miss being able to fly, though.

Sooooo, I got myself that long wanted snapper scroll to turn my impulse-buy imperial into one, and as the tradition goes, the entire lair must be previewed (except for the three dorks with accents that I’m too lazy to remove) and…

No, Sysi, no. You have absolutely no business looking that awesome as a snapper. I have already spent like a million treasure on you, for all those genes and having breed changed you TWICE already, both times into expensive breeds (spiral and coatl, respectively). STOP LOOKING SO GOOD!

This has been a totally meaningless post, carry on.